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What You Can Have Sponsored
This is everyones favorite part of the course, you’ll be shocked and inspired to get a sponsor after you learn

(You do NOT even need to have an existing event or product yet— just wait until you read the case study in lesson 3 of the course!)

Where you find sponsors EXACTLY
A bunch of great resources to help you jumpstart your sponsorship potential or take it to the next level. Of course I’m saving the best for last! I update this section regularly to keep you up to date
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Tanyalynnette Palmo
CEO, Allaxoun Group, Inc

“I went from idea to cash in less than 10 days! I would recommend his work to anyone who needs help with how to develop products, develop a go-to-market strategy or gain monetary business partners and sponsors. He is also fantastic with life/work balance.”

Christina Daves
Author, Speaker, PR for Anyone

“I had never heard of sponsorship before…I bought Roberto’s book, took one of his courses and implemented what I learned. I had a major sponsor BEFORE I even launched my website. Now I am working with a fortune 500 company who is sponsoring an event I am putting together.”

The 10 Point Sponsor Value Checklist
Most companies you approach have a set of guidelines to determine if your event or opportunity for them qualifies as a good use of their funds. Referring to this checklist before reaching out to a sponsor has saved me and my students a great deal of money and in some cases saved the whole sponsorship deal!

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